RAJDEEP ELECTRONICS is a specialist audio company and a one-stop destination for HiFi, home theatre, home automation and commercial audio solutions. To offer world class solutions Rajdeep electronics has partnered With high quality brands such as PHILIPS , JNM SOUND SOLUTIONS , PRO FX , BOSTON ACOUSTICS , DNM and a lot more.
  • PHILIPS :  known to one and all a brand with multiple product range in consumer electronics
  • JNM   SOUND SOLUTIONS: A company which has a wide range of sound related products  for indoor / outdoor use.
  • Pro fx : a Bangalore based company that carries a wide range of architecture speakers .
  • Boston acoustics: A powerful brand of  high end speakers  from the USA
  • Pace: carries a wide range of speakers ,active and passive  sub woofers ,
  • Dnm : has a wide range of amplifiers for stereo and 100 v application

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